Jacob's Archive

Some of the things I've created over the years:

Maths articles:

Combinatorics of countable ordinal topologies (my PhD thesis)
Topological Ramsey numbers and countable ordinals (Contemporary Mathematics 690 (2017) 85-118) (poster, slides)
The topological pigeonhole principle for ordinals (The Journal of Symbolic Logic 81 (2016) 662-686)
Any modification of Müller's Markov process is transient
Lebesgue measurability and large cardinals (my master's thesis)
The Hex Factor: The NIST Hash Function Competition

Coding projects:

Command-line backgammon bot
Recurrent neural network text generator
Find me a task
Stratego Legends
My Giving
Set-theoretical charades
Runeword calculator
Rapid Roll
Radian clock
Randomly-generated movie

Accordion duets:

"Little" Fugue in G minor
Tocatta and Fugue in D minor
Adonai Oz
Variations on "Little Bo Peep"